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FlashAir Downloader allows bulk downloading and active monitoring of your FlashAir Wireless SD card

FlashAir Downloader is a appliction to facilitate easily downloading photos and videos from your FlashAir Card.


Flash Air Downloader provides the ability to:

  1. Download all images and videos from your camera in a single click, with full progress and a calculated estimated time to completion
  2. File the images according to the shoot/recorded date, in Year/Month/Day sub folders.
  3. Monitor the flash air card and automatically download photos/videos to your computer as photos are taken.
  4. FlashAir Information - show the firmware version and network details of you card


  • Windows PC Compatible (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • .Net Framework 4.0 pre-requisite
  • Tested against the Toshiba 8GB FlashAir SD card, Firmware 1.3 (note you will need to use my software to find what firmware version you are using)

Note on Usage

For FlashAirDownloader to work you need to have your computer connected to the FlashAir Access point, then launch the software, it should be simple from there.

Free Trial Download

FlashairDownloader is available for free trial, which is a full working copy of the product but limited to downloading 4 items, so you can verify that it works and you can't live without its functionality.

Fig. 1

View the contents of the flash air card and select those images that you wish to download

Fig. 2

Options for the destination folder creation

Fig. 3

Receive real time progress on the download of your images and videos

Fig. 4

Finished showing that it actually skipped 2 images as they already existed

Fig. 5

See basic information on your Flash Air Card

Fig. 6

Actively montor the camera for new photos

Fig. 7

Moving a photo that was just taken

Fig. 8

Finished downloading and still monitoring the camera


Released 1/29/2015


First release of FlashAir Downloader.

Developed and tested against

  • 8GB Toshiba Flash Air Card with Firmware 1.3


Known Issues:

  1. When a photo/video is taken by the camera and saved to the FlashAir card it causes the FlashAir Website to "Reset". When running FlashAir Downloader in  "Monitor mode", if a download is in progress at the time the Website is "Reset" then the file download will be interrupted. The application will handle this scenario and starts the download again.
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