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Utility to perform key conversion between InterAction Web and Windows ID key formats.

InterAction has a two part primary key that identifies all objects in the interaction database.

These are generally as follows:

  • Listing ID - the main identity key of the object
  • Listing Src Id - The id of the InterAction database - by default in a standard interAction installation this is the number 2

These identifiers can be represented in two ways:

  1. Windows ID - e.g 2/1234
  2. WebID - 8589935826 - a formulae is applied to the 2/1234 to create a 64bit integer to represent the two part key.

In various places within InterAction, (admin screens, log files) you may be presented with a WebID.

This simple utility provides the ability to easily convert between web and windows ID's when attempting to identify the contact or folder that the system may actually be referring too.

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Version 1.0.0

Released 10/30/2012

This is the first release of the InterAction Key Converter

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Version 1.0.0

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