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Actions for Gmail™

Actions for Gmail™

Actions for Gmail™ was developed for rightfile.com.au.

The problem that Actions for Gmail™ solves is that using Gmail™ is in-efficient. There are no inline actions in Gmail™, and every action requires 2 or 3 clicks. The project was to build a chrome extension that provided in-line actions in Gmail™.

Technically the solution was to build a chrome extension. To achieve this the extension interrogates the "Document Ojbect Model"(dom) of the Gmail™ web site and injects custom HTML code into the page. The extension uses jQuery to search the dom and find certain elements in the page. The extension then injects HTML into the page to draw in-line buttons on the screen. When the buttons are clicked, the code simulates user button clicks to perform the action requested.

Actions for Gmail™ currently supports in-line actions for:

It currently has over 3500 users.

Custom Surf Wax

Custom Surf Wax

Custom surf wax is a website where users can customise the design for their own branded surf board wax.

This was an existing website that had been developed by some other less scrupulous developers. The site was written in Asp .Net. The main wax design component of the website is a flash application and the site runs on a small SQL Server back end.

HomeDev was contracted to fix the website and extend some functionality. HomeDev

  • Recreated the visual studio solution as the owners did not have a compiling version of the website
  • The flash application was not working, so this had to be reverse engineered and the various .aspx pages re-written to communicate correctly with the flash application. This was done, by using fiddler to monitor the HTTP requests being made by the flash animation to determine the hook in points with the website
  • Extend the website to allow the owners to change the prices of the stock on the website. This was moved into the database, as the previous developers had hard coded the prices into the code base that meant every time the owner wanted to change prices they had to pay hundreds of dollars in developments costs
  • Provide the ability to charge postage, including administration pages and putting postage all the way through the shopping cart to the order and to the invoice total.
  • Obtain a copy of the database from the web host
  • Adjust the graphics on the website given the lowest prices is listed on the home page. Homedev had to do research to determine the font that was originally used to create the images.
The customers have been very happy with the outcome.